DiscoverThe Sales PodcastMake Rapid Changes With This Mind Fix, Discovered By Erin Pheil
Make Rapid Changes With This Mind Fix, Discovered By Erin Pheil

Make Rapid Changes With This Mind Fix, Discovered By Erin Pheil

Update: 2020-07-24


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  • Started as a twinge in her left ankle and she thought it was just a mountain biking injury
  • The pain migrated to her shoulder
  • Then her lower back
  • The pain lasted 2.5 years
  • Tension pain migrated throughout her body
  • In one session she had an epiphany
  • Shift how you see things
  • Shift what you believe to be true
  • What's creating this lens
  • Get rid of the belief that you have to be right and that you have to convince everyone that you're right
Rapid change is possible. The first thing you need to do is understand your pattern."
  • She had a deep need to be right so she'd bulldoze relationships and conversations
  • Now she knows how to live with people with different beliefs
  • This creates a lot of freedom
  • We all have a little big of imposter syndrome
  • How to completely remove your big nagging issues that are holding you back...
  • Most of us know the pattern that is holding us back...
  • Work backwards
  • We don't have problems for no reason
  • We struggle because of what we believe to be true
  • "What would I have to believe to be true to keep experiencing this?"
  • "I'm a fake, a fraud, a phony, I'm not competent, I'm not good at sales..."
  • "I'm stuck and it's not random. It's not for no reason. It's because of my belief."
  • You can change thoughts, feelings, actions...
  • Are you more afraid of success than failure?
  • You fear what comes along with success:
    • The extra responsibilities
    • The things 
  • The actions we take are based on the thoughts we have and the emotions we feel
  • We can force people to do things and create a lot of stress in the process and they'll push through a lot of resistance and anxiety
  • We have free will
  • "Facts don't change our minds when we have a strong belief."
  • Like salespeople who think discussing money is dirty or impolite
  • Clear out that negative belief
  • Some part of them believes they saw that proof
  • Unhook that connection to neutralize that belief
  • Beliefs are usually these big assumptions so now you're left with possibilities and choice
  • We all believe "I'm not good enough" to some degree about something
  • Success story in sales
    • Formally trained but struggling to implement
    • Knew what to do but wasn't following through
    • In a few weeks they found a lot of self-esteem issues and beliefs like sales is sleazy, people don't want to hear from me, and about money
    • They cleared out those negative beliefs
    • All of the training he had learned was uncorked and popped so he doubled his revenue in three months and a year later he was earning each month what he had learned the previous year
    • You don't need more. You need to clear out the blocks.

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Make Rapid Changes With This Mind Fix, Discovered By Erin Pheil

Make Rapid Changes With This Mind Fix, Discovered By Erin Pheil

Wes Schaeffer, The Sales Whisperer®