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Make Your Own Myth / Dr. Jean Houston

Make Your Own Myth / Dr. Jean Houston

Update: 2019-06-0339


In our final episode of Season 1, we come back to the most fundamental questions: who are we and what are we capable of.  My guest today, Dr. Jean Houston, sees us as heroes in our own mythic journeys, here to realize our great calling.  Jean Houston has worked with Joseph Campbell, Margaret Mead and even Hilary Clinton, and she now joins us to explore our roles in this time of profound shift.  Today, we tap into our full human potential.  And it truly is, infinite. 

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Crystal Corley

Dear Deepak, I love the words and passions spoken throughout your podcasts. It's always enlightening and most enjoyable when I listen to a guest and I'm taken to a moment of awe and encompassed by what that speaker is telling. I believe we as in every human being is connected, therefore relatable and maybe some of us probably a great many like to have these moments of knowing that. In my experience I am always learning through my experiences, through books, through encounters, etc. and I am one who believes in things happening at a time that they are meant to. Listening today was meant for me to hear what Jean expressed. I will not remember everything verbatim but her eloquence and perception of mythology and how that ties to people's stories really resonated with me. It gave me chills which is always pretty cool. Thank you🙏

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Make Your Own Myth / Dr. Jean Houston

Make Your Own Myth / Dr. Jean Houston

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