DiscoverBreak the CeilingMaking "Enough" in Our Business with Rita Barry
Making "Enough" in Our Business with Rita Barry

Making "Enough" in Our Business with Rita Barry

Update: 2021-01-19


I think there are three different stages when it comes to your business and your personal finances: pre-enough, enough, and post-enough.

And at each stage, you'll have different priorities, weigh different choices, and view your world in very different ways.

These definitions are mine and I think everyone will probably interpret the idea of pre-enough, enough, or post-enough in their own terms—but here's how I tend to think about it.

Pre-enough is that stage when you may have a decent business, but you haven't hit that level of revenue where you're covering your costs and comfortably paying yourself what you need to be able to support your personal financial needs. In this stage, you're usually taking whatever work comes your way. It can be a difficult place where you are lacking in both time AND money because you're just trying to do whatever you can to get to that enough benchmark.

Enough is where you have... enough. Your costs are covered, both business and personal. You're paying yourself and your team enough. You have enough to start building up some cash reserves and the choices and decisions you're making become a lot more about is this WORTH it for me? Is this client someone I WANT to work with? Is this the kind of work I want to be doing? Is this choice worth my time or energy? It's about using your resources effectively -- and the kinds of choices you make. 

Eventually, you might find yourself in the land of post-enough. Where your questions might be: what do I DO with all of this money?!? Where am I supposed to put it? And how do I use it responsibly? 

I wanted to explore this idea of pre-enough and post-enough by trying to follow someone's journey through these stages and beyond… to look at the choices they made, what helped them breakthrough that "enough" ceiling, and how their perspective changed in each of the different stages.

Meet Rita Barry. Rita is a certified measurement marketer. She founded her company, a boutique digital marketing optimization consultancy based in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, in 2009. Rita Barry & Co. is a relationship-driven company focused on metrics, and they help select 6 to 8 figure female-led businesses take control of their numbers so they can transform their marketing campaigns and drive more sales.

Rita deals with numbers and measuring success all day long and this journey to and through enough has been one she's spent a LOT of time thinking about. 
Listen to the full episode to hear:

  • Step-by-step through the journey to (and past) enough

  • What enough means to Rita

  • What it looked like pre-enough and what she did to break through and past enough

  • How her goals and what she was concerned about changed throughout her journey

  • What she does, now that revenue benchmarks don't mean quite as much.

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Making "Enough" in Our Business with Rita Barry

Making "Enough" in Our Business with Rita Barry

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