DiscoverHow to Scale a Video Business with Den LennieMaking 6-figures a year from Stock footage. EP #190 - Chuck Fishbein
Making 6-figures a year from Stock footage. EP #190 - Chuck Fishbein

Making 6-figures a year from Stock footage. EP #190 - Chuck Fishbein

Update: 2021-06-10


Today, Den chats to a man who's cracked the code to making mucho dinero selling stock images. This man's name is Chuck Fishbein. Chuck runs a successful video and photography business called Duck you, but his real genius lies in his ability to make passive income from sites such as Getty Images and Shutterstock. And, in this interview, Chuck willingly spills the beans on what it takes to make a bundle of money selling stock images.

Here's a sneak peek at what you'll hear:

  • An amusing tale of how Chuck unwittingly hoodwinked his clients into think he was a genius photographer even though he was a complete hack at the time. - 2:00
  • Q. What do the artists U2 and Garth Brooks have in common? A. They both worked with Chuck in the early 80s. - 3:00
  • A little-talked-about “trait” that almost all high-performance athletes, artists, and entrepreneurs possess that makes their body of work stand head and shoulders above their competition. - 6:00
  • A juicy tip for filmmakers who are thinking of making some extra bucks with stock images. - 9:30
  • The ONLY two types of stock images you should bother creating. FACT: All other stock images that don't fit into one or both of these two categories aren't worth a damn! - 12:30
  • Quite possibly the best ever advice on how to become successful at what you do. Listen up at 14:15 folks.
  • A Getty Images "marketing trick" that can bring hordes of eager-to-buy prospects to your uploaded Getty images. - 15:00
  • The unglamorous (and extremely banal) side to selling images on sites like Getty Images and Shutterstock. This might be as boring as doing your taxes on a Friday night, but make no mistake, this insider information can make or break your stock photos’ success - 21:00
  • A clever “trick” for turning tedious and deathly dull tasks into fun activities you actually look forward to doing. If you're bit of a procrastinator, this could be the solution. - 21:10
  • 3 cameras NEVER to use when uploading images to sites like Getty Images or Shutterstock. (And, two cameras that you should use. - 22:40 )
  • A mindset “tweak” for shooting images that can make your stock images far more likely to be bought and used for a documentary or film. -23:30
  • Chuck's honest-to-God opinion on shooting in 4K. - 28:40
  • A “moonlight over Manhattan” image will sell better than a generic windmill or boardwalk image, right? Wrong! (Hear what Chuck has to say about this at 32:10 )*How to sell stock images without getting your arse sued off. - 33:50
  • The "almost-too-good-to-be-true" story behind how Chuck's business name "DuckYou" came into existence. - 35:00

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Making 6-figures a year from Stock footage. EP #190 - Chuck Fishbein

Making 6-figures a year from Stock footage. EP #190 - Chuck Fishbein

Den Lennie