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Making It with Danny Barton

Making It with Danny Barton

Update: 2023-02-15


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And we travel to good ole England for Episode 2, Season 2 to catch up with actor and podcast host of 'Actors Making It', Danny Barton.

In this episode, I turn the tables on Danny, where he normally gets to drill his guest on his podcast (including myself in 2022) and delve into what drives him to be an actor.

We talk about how growing up and how 'performance' can make you feel part of your environment and the people, especially pertinent for people how grew up moving around a lot, where you find yourself not having the opportunity to develop long friendships, and always feeling like the 'new guy'.

Danny has just moved to the UK to further his acting career, and as such, we discuss  the complexities of the Australian acting industry versus the UK industry. Such things as 'appearance' and how it effects your castability. For example, the UK market can be really strong on the 'real life' look of characters/actors, especially in comparison to the US market.

We really delve into the balancing of your day job, the job that pays the bills and how you need to determine when to give up your paid work for unpaid acting work. How to know when that unpaid work will support your acting career for footage and exposure.

In summary, a lot of what we discuss in this episode is so similar to my own journey, and many actors journey's, that it is about gaining experience to further your skill set. 

Danny is a great supporter of actors, so please check him out on his socials as Danny Barton, or check out his podcast 'Actors Making It' on all good podcast platforms.

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Making It with Danny Barton

Making It with Danny Barton

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