DiscoverThe Unstuck Church Podcast with Tony MorganMaking Organizational Pivots - Episode 159
Making Organizational Pivots - Episode 159

Making Organizational Pivots - Episode 159

Update: 2020-09-09


It's the catchphrase of stuck organizations... "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."

But healthy, thriving churches and organizations tend to initiate changes before they need to.

And the leaders in those organizations are willing to step out in front and lead significant shifts other people may not be feeling the need to make.

Almost every organization has had to pivot in some way in recent months. From shifting to more digital/less analog, to redeploying team members with new measures for success, significant change has affected nearly all of us.

So what should we learn from those changes that will make us better in the future?

In this episode, Tony and Amy discuss the organizational pivots pastors are asking about, pivots they have been leading at The Unstuck Group, and insights from what we’ve learned along the way.

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Making Organizational Pivots - Episode 159

Making Organizational Pivots - Episode 159

Tony Morgan