DiscoverThe Savage Nation PodcastMalaria Drug Fails and How Herd Mentality Fails America
Malaria Drug Fails and How Herd Mentality Fails America

Malaria Drug Fails and How Herd Mentality Fails America

Update: 2020-04-226


Herd mentality; Idiots on Twitter can't handle people speaking truth over towing the Trump line; Truth has little to no value in America; Lockdown talks, Savage first to call for rolling re-openings; Governors have never enjoyed such power as that what they have now; We're becoming a COVID republic; Big Tech and Santa Clara California are hot spots for the Coronavirus; Middle class will be taxed into poverty to help country debt; Shows Savage is watching on Netflix; Old movies have great writing; Savage strolls down literary memory lane.

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The March Hare

There are massive flaws in this study released, how dare you attack that caller when you're own bias obviously interfered with your "basic" ability to see the bullshit! You're just a fucking shill. Sincerely, an actual fucking scientist.

Apr 24th
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Dghhfcb Vvdzthnk

99.96% of the people catching this virus show no symptoms, so why prevent herd immunity? They even have malaria drug combinations with zinc for the people catching this thing while weak. Malaria drugs open a channel to stuff zinc down its throat instead of iron from your blood? A doctor treating patients discovered that, as malaria drugs by themselves do not work he said. Antibiotics would not change the iron robbing mechanism as any layman should know, in theory they could only stop replication, not effect an established colony robbing iron from your blood. Mental health is opinion not science. NSAID have similar warnings michael warns about. Lost my admiration for these politicians, the data coming out is showing epidemiological experts right, as predicted, and these mitigation efforts wrong. Sweden case in point. A couple week delay was fine to pump up supplies and warn people, that's it. None of this is doing anything to impact predicted numbers by experts who were not TDS impaired or on a government payroll. Huge gift to China. They are not going to burn cheap oil but build and stuff wharehouses full of ten years worth of synthetics, tools, furniture, etc made from oil (plastic). Yes Michael, double blind studies exist showing malaria drugs by themselves do not work as well as zinc combinations. You should ask why before you throw your towel in with the Gates crowd. Sean Hannity doing every poll except President approval ratings? Joe Biden may walk away with it.

Apr 23rd

John Hills

every news outlet claims hydroxychloroquine works. even the liberal news. now this crazy old Jew is claiming it doesn't. I believe it's time for Michael savage to go back in the nursing home......

Apr 22nd
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Malaria Drug Fails and How Herd Mentality Fails America

Malaria Drug Fails and How Herd Mentality Fails America

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