DiscoverA New DirectionManage Change and Embrace Fear – Tom Scarda
Manage Change and Embrace Fear – Tom Scarda

Manage Change and Embrace Fear – Tom Scarda

Update: 2022-02-09


Most of us do not realize it, but the fact of the matter is most of our behavior is guided by fear and a resistance to change.  We are susceptible to FOMO "fear of missing out", or we fear that we may lose what we have.  We may jump from relationship to relationship because we have an unconscious fear of commitment, or we may fear we are not loveable.  The media uses fear to keep us engaged.  Fear can be used to manipulate us and make us do thing we would not ordinarily do.  In this episode of A New Direction one of the world's leading franchisors Tom Scarda helps us embrace fear and manage change.

Tom Scarda's book "The Magic of Choosing Uncertainty" is filled with insights on how you developed your unconscious mind and how to change it so that you are thinking the right way.  As Tom will teach us our thoughts are in fact currency.  And how we spend them largely determines our success.  Our thought life and mindset also sets us up to finding opportunity or creating a victim mentality.  The question becomes will you take the steps necessary to change and not only embrace and take on the fears that are dictating much of your behavior.  Because you will then see The Magic of Choosing Uncertainty.

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Manage Change and Embrace Fear – Tom Scarda

Manage Change and Embrace Fear – Tom Scarda

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