Managing Biz Finances Can Be Fun with Melissa Houston

Managing Biz Finances Can Be Fun with Melissa Houston

Update: 2021-04-27


Episode #171. Say hello again to Melissa Houston! In our last conversation on the Go-to Gal podcast, we learned how Melissa grew her business through big publicity. Now, it’s time to dig into her expertise as a CPA and learn how managing your finances can actually be fun. Listen now to find out what it takes to really hit your income goals and the simplified financial steps you can take to get there.

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • How managing your business finances can actually be fun
  • What a new business model means for your financial plan 
  • Why making seven figures doesn’t look like what you’d expect
  • The hidden costs behind launching and running a program
  • Why cash flow management can make or break your business

Favorite Quotes

“If you could manage your money to make yourself a lot more money, how can that not be fun?  Let's be a little excited because this is about your money.”

“I always get people to set a minimum salary for themselves so that they can live and meet their personal finance expectations. In the good times, you're putting that cash in a reserve. So it'll be there for the bad times, and I'll help you through the harder times when you're pivoting or even if you want to take a summer off. Whatever the case may be, you've got that cash in the company so it can carry you through.”

“It's really important to keep your suppliers happy. Whether your supplier is your phone bill, internet, or you're a product-based business, and you're relying on your suppliers to deliver. It's all about having really good, well managed relationships in business. Cash management is a huge part of it.”

Discussed on the Show

More About Melissa:  

Melissa Houston is a CPA and a Business Finance Coach who has over 20 years of experience helping entrepreneurs with their business finances. Melissa teaches her signature CFO Money Method signature framework through group programs.

Melissa is a regular contributor at and is the host of the Think Like a CFO podcast.

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Managing Biz Finances Can Be Fun with Melissa Houston

Managing Biz Finances Can Be Fun with Melissa Houston

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