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Managing Stress and Sleep Through Nutrition

Managing Stress and Sleep Through Nutrition

Update: 2020-10-21


Amy is joined by Jessica Green to discuss how we can improve our well-being through effective management of stress and sleep. With a focus on nutrition, Jessica is on a mission to teach busy professionals how to detox their bodies, minds, and environments for more energy, happiness, and clarity.

Topics of conversation include:

  • How to manage stress and sleep through nutrition
  • Simple starting points to restore nutritional balance in our body
  • How lack of sleep creates neurological degeneration
  • The relationship between nutrition, sleep, and resilience
  • Closing open loops in the mind before laying down at night
  • Why getting to bed early is optimal for our circadian rhythms
  • Why the overconsumption of news can disrupt our health
  • The power of a morning routine
  • And other topics

Resources Mentioned:

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Managing Stress and Sleep Through Nutrition

Managing Stress and Sleep Through Nutrition

Amy DeLand