DiscoverTalent Magnet Institute PodcastManaging Your Workforce Needs Thoughtfully with Julie Bauke
Managing Your Workforce Needs Thoughtfully with Julie Bauke

Managing Your Workforce Needs Thoughtfully with Julie Bauke

Update: 2020-06-04


This week Mike and Julie Bauke, Talent Magnet Institute Faculty member and Chief Career Advisor of The Bauke Group, have an honest conversation about managing layoffs and furloughs.  They discuss 

  • The do’s and dont’s of communication, 

  • Best practices for long-term culture preservation, and 

  • 4 keys every leader needs to address when reducing their workforce.  

This tactical discussion is a must for everyone who aspires to lead successfully in relationships, work, community, and life.  

Mike and Julie begin with what NOT to do and voice concerns about how so many organizations are reacting to the pandemic crisis. They share their best practices on the healthy way to make quick, difficult decisions. (2:25

Julie and Mike emphasize that leaders need to be aware of the long-term impact uncompassionate layoffs have on an organization, and how to look at workforce reduction strategically. (7:22 )

“What you do today will affect your brand as an employer for years to come. Period. End of story.”  Julie Bauke (7:41 )

Julie and Mike share their 4 keys to preserving your organization’s values and culture: 

  1. Communication planning and what NEVER to do when laying people off (9:23 )

“Everybody can handle handing out bonus checks, but where leadership really, really is impactful and long lasting times of crisis.” Julie Bauke (15:47 )

  1. Transparency and how to communicate after a less-than-ideal scenario (13:32 )

Listen NOW, then reach out to Mike via Speakpipe and get honest feedback before making your next move.

  1. Using your human resources: What is appropriate when asking for input from your workforce in the decision-making process (16:03 )

“Every time we can help our people know they are part of the solution and their voice is meaningful, and their opinion and thoughts matter, it makes [them] further gravitate to that organization.” Mike Sipple, Jr. (19:02 )

Mike and Julie share unique, low-cost ways to effectively communicate with furloughed employees, leverage PR and already existing resources. (19:58 )

  1. Utilizing external advisors to develop unique solutions to reduce your workforce compassionately. (26:35 )

Julie says, “We have to be willing to reach out for help.  There’s nothing to be gained at this point by being stoic and ‘I can handle it,’ because all pieces of our world are shaking right now.” (28:22 )

Mike and Julie answer questions from the live broadcast and address subjects such as: 

  • How do you prepare your workforce for bad news? (32:55 )

  • Maintaining morale before and after workforce reduction (39:55 )

  • Benefits of taking this time to reallocate people and energy to “parking lot” projects (42:51 )

  • Little things organizations are doing to express appreciation, help their people have fun and even laugh during meetings.  Listen NOW! 

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Managing Your Workforce Needs Thoughtfully with Julie Bauke

Managing Your Workforce Needs Thoughtfully with Julie Bauke

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