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Manufacturing More Time to Reach Your Goals

Manufacturing More Time to Reach Your Goals

Update: 2021-07-143



What if I were to tell you "the thing" you want to do or be will happen when you do something else?

With so much happening in everyday life, it's easy to get caught up in the rhythm of the day. It's like engaging the auto-pilot and sitting back and enjoying the flight called life.

But what happens when things get bumpy, and you need to change your trajectory? That's what happened to a client recently.

The first question I asked and somebody seeks advice is, “What are we working on today?”

Keep in mind, as they fill me in on their outcome, I expect my answer will be 180 degrees from what they think they are going to hear.

"You call your company Motivation To Move. Well, I've built a successful company, but I've let myself go. I need the motivation to lose weight and get in shape."

Starting with his outcome, my client's question was reasonable. But being reasonable doesn't always lead you to the result you want. Sometimes you have to dig deeper to find the unreasonable cause. When you do, everything changes, and you start getting what you want.

"Before we talk about exercise, diet, and motivation, why don't you tell me about how your business is going and your daily schedule?"

As he began to outline his success and daily routine, the problem became evident. There was no time allocated for self-care. Without changing the underlying issues, there was no possible way to reach his goal. The solution was simple. It was time to audit and adjust his time and productivity management practices. It was time to manufacture more time in his day.

Success doesn't come from stacking more stuff on top of your stuff. Sometimes you have to toss out what used to be important to make room for what is important now.

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Rudy Safi

well said, what I retain is we need to remove and change old stuff ( habits, relationships, etc...) to make place for new one which will support us reach our goals and dreams

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Manufacturing More Time to Reach Your Goals

Manufacturing More Time to Reach Your Goals