DiscoverSports HonchosMarchos Honchos! We're Back Sports Fans!
Marchos Honchos! We're Back Sports Fans!

Marchos Honchos! We're Back Sports Fans!

Update: 2022-03-10


Hosted by Paul C. Cuthbert and Robert Kuney.

The Honchos came in like a lion on their first show for the month of March. After some movie talk, including Rob’s review of The Batman, it was time for “Who Wore It Best?” For the 53rd show, the Honchos highlighted Hall of Famer Don Drysdale, who wore number 53 with the Brooklyn and Los Angeles Dodgers. The Headlines segment featured plastic surgery gone mad, the best story from the 2022 Winter Olympics, and bizarre criminal behavior in Green Bay.

The sack of sports was ripped open with some College Football Playoffs expansion talk, followed by an NFL segment that was all about the quarterbacks (and one degenerate gambler). The Honchos crushed national media outlets for their reporting on the death of Redskins (yes, Redskins) legend Charley Taylor, and then it was all about the QBs: the new Aaron Rodgers contract to stay in Green Bay, the Russell Wilson trade to Denver, and the Commanderskins trading for Carson Wentz (oy gevalt). Before leaving the NFL segment the Honchos rapped about Calvin Ridley’s suspension for betting on NFL games.

During the NHL/NBA/MLB segment the Honchos discussed Alex Ovechkin’s obligation to speak out against Russia, the latest on the sinking ship that is the Ingleside Lakers, the end of steroid testing in MLB, and, of course, an update on the MLB Lockout, which has just caused the cancellation of another week of games.

After a brief detour into the latest heart attack on a bun offerings from a burger chain that shall remain nameless, it was time for the Honchos to go out like a lamb with the Dope of the Week. This week’s winner was Doug Williams of the Washington Commanderskins.

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Marchos Honchos! We're Back Sports Fans!

Marchos Honchos! We're Back Sports Fans!

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