DiscoverMark Levin PodcastMark Levin Audio Rewind - 10/16/20
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 10/16/20

Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 10/16/20

Update: 2020-10-176


On Friday's Mark Levin Show, if Democrats win it will be due to senior citizens and those in the suburbs who are voting for Biden to destroy the supreme court, to destroy the Electoral College, and to destroy American life as we've known it. America has achieved the long-desired goal of being energy independent from foreign oil and Joe Biden would destroy that. Biden will continue the Obama Administration legacy of federal government control over zoning and schools in suburbs across America. Doing this allows the federal government to use suburban tax dollars to fund the larger cities in the area. Then, President Trump has more in common with President Lincoln than is commonly thought. Lincoln published his speeches and thoughts so voters would have access to them because the media called him a demon. Trump is similar with his rallies and tweets. Trump will be considered one of the greatest Presidents in American History. Later, Biden was in the US Senate for 39 years and did nothing to fix immigration, supported segregationists, and has the nerve to ask Black Americans for their vote. Biden was Vice President for 8 years and also did nothing to correct the injustices he harps on in his campaign. Plus, FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr joins the show to discuss section 230 of the Communications Decency Act and how it shields big tech companies from liability and from being treated like any other business when they stifle speech These protections were designed for antiquated internet platforms of the 1990s, not the digital juggernauts they've become today. Afterward, Congressman Lee Zeldin calls in to discuss illegal voting in New York's first district as he heads into reelection with President Trump. Finally, Congressional candidate Randy Feenstra calls in with an update on his campaign for Iowa's 4th district.

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Robert Blanton

It was a war crime you short dick p.o.s. Only you stinking Yankees believe the war of norther aggression was fought over slavery. It was states right. Since we lost now we have the gargantuan bag of federalism, and centralized government. Mark you never cease to amaze me with you asinine view point. Lincoln arrested Supreme Court justices, and journalists. That is tyranny crap bag not freedom. You're an intellectual midget, and a globalist, communist piece of human filth. Remember this is the same guy who sucked Gwb's dick, and promoted war all over the world. You're a clown mark, and the star spangled banner at the beginning of your show doesn't change that. Lincoln said "if I could preserve the union without freeing a single slave I would" he bought an island off panama, and also Liberia so he could ship blacks out.... Um sounds like not racist at all. Also he was a flaming homosexual. Why do you think the queer gop members call themselves the log cabin republicans. Tell the history, not what you make up

Oct 17th
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Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 10/16/20

Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 10/16/20

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