DiscoverMark Levin PodcastMark Levin Audio Rewind - 11/12/20
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 11/12/20

Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 11/12/20

Update: 2020-11-135


On Thursday's Mark Levin Show, the media's pressure on President Trump to give up this election fight is in full throttle. The left camouflages its lawlessness with righteousness. The democrats created this election, lawyers and leftwing groups went into these states and changed rules in states and many were unconstitutional. Their plan to use mail-in ballots, changing ballot due dates, and eliminating signature verification was an idea they know would draw ire. They commit the deeds then they blame the victim. It has only been nine days and the Democrats are growing weak in their resolve; calling for an end to any counting and recounting. Democrats are committed to eliminating electoral safeguards. Then, in 1982 Illinois was the scene of a hotly contested election and it was the subject of over 100,000 fraudulent votes. Adlai Stevenson ran against James Thompson and alleged vote fraud. The race initially came down to 5,000 votes for Thompson. A single worker came forward and told the FBI and the media about the voter fraud he witnessed. Later, politicians, mayors, and governors are now dictating whether or not you can have Thanksgiving in your own house. Any government that has the power to tell you how many people can eat in your home is a government with unlimited power. Families are prohibited from gathering but BLM and ANTIFA can gather with no repercussions. Finally, Dr. Marc Siegel calls in and explains that we need to go to our family's houses and celebrate Thanksgiving.

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Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 11/12/20

Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 11/12/20

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