DiscoverMark Levin PodcastMark Levin Audio Rewind - 8/31/21
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 8/31/21

Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 8/31/21

Update: 2021-09-017


On Tuesday's Mark Levin Show, in breaking news, a transcript reveals that President Biden pressured Afghan President Ghani to create the perception that the Taliban wasn't winning, whether it was true or not. Can we now impeach this president over a phone call? Then, President Biden's speech demonstrates his ignorance of the genocide he just unleashed on women, children, and the patriotic allies that stood up and fought with Americans in Afghanistan. Biden's unaware or doesn't care about the global implications with China, Iran, and other enemies of the United States now that the U.S has no presence in Afghanistan. Biden says every American that wanted to leave was given a chance. Lies! Biden says many of the Americans that stayed were once Afghan nationals and implied that we should not worry. More lies, more propaganda from the White House and the State Department. Now that the American media is gone the terrorists will do what they do and we will not hear the screams of the genocide that Biden has unleashed in Afghanistan. Then, today's media has no circumspection and peddles lies as they distort history and will soon fall right back in line with Biden because his domestic policy agenda is too important to the American Marxists for them to stop it with truth, reality, and decency. Organized movements are critical to succeeding and 1/3 of the nation will decide which direction that will be. We have to do things in our neighborhoods in order to be taken seriously otherwise we're going to lose. The majority of Americans don't support losing liberty or being overtaxed. We need a movement that will speak up for Americans. The question isn't what can we do, it must be what can I do. Later, during WWII the New York Times got away with monumental acts of propaganda and censorship to cover up the Holocaust. They covered up Stalin's genocide against Ukraine and romanticized Castro, yet they've never been held to account. They are promoting an agenda and the media is just organized propaganda, not a free press. Bernays believed that propaganda could create irresistible pressure on legislators and teachers and wrote that propaganda was the executive arm of the movement to deceive the public into supporting their effort.

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Charlesana Ashton

I keep calling for my north carolina congresswoman and senators to Impeach the SOB. response I keep getting from them is Democrats have the majority. I am sick of all these people!

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Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 8/31/21

Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 8/31/21

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