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Mark Newfield - Keep Going!

Mark Newfield - Keep Going!

Update: 2022-11-10


Mark started his professional work life as a consultant with Accenture, where he helped clients for 14 years. He founded his advisory business in 2005, and in 2022 joined Journey Strategic wealth through a merger of his firm with Journey. Prior to graduating from university, he was an auto mechanic, was in the auto parts industry, and spent time as a retail store manager. Mark’s focus has always been either providing advice or fixing things. What drives Mark is helping others reach their goals.

Mark believes both financial freedom and fun can occur concurrently. You will find that he has an active (sometimes too active!) sense of humor. He’s quite proud that his teammates Angela and Melissa have been with him for 14 and 12 years and will do everything possible to make sure Danielle stays “forever”, as well. He’s a little nutty about college basketball, golf, and several other sports. In addition, he loves taking beach and golf trips with his family and is an avid reader.

Mark holds an Accounting degree from Virginia Commonwealth University as well as the CFP® and RICP® designations.

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Show Notes:

6:00 - Mark's background

17:30 - Embrace your strengths and weaknesses

22:30 - Good moments coming from scary times

27:30 - Starting a business from a passion

29:00 - Building teams

34:00 - Mark's approach to advising

37:24 - Where Mark thinks we are relative to history

46:50 - The power of checks and balances

50:45 - Finding and retaining employees

58:30 - Thinking about planning for aging

1:10:00 - Why you need to get your Power of Attorney documents done!

1:13:00 - Talking to the older member of your family about the aging process









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Mark Newfield - Keep Going!

Mark Newfield - Keep Going!

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