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Marketing Strategy & Thinking It Through Before You Do

Marketing Strategy & Thinking It Through Before You Do

Update: 2021-03-30


In this episode, Kristina talks to her friend and Wonder Woman or Jack of All Trades, Christy Smallwood, about being strategic when marketing your business and “thinking it through before you do!”

Fasten your seatbelts and hold on for this episode! Kristina chats with Christy Smallwood, a self proclaimed jack of all trades in the digital marketing world, about marketing strategy and thinking it through before you do!

Are your marketing efforts creating awareness in the marketplace? Do you desire to be the market share of your industry in your area? Then listen to this episode to hear about actionable steps you can take right away.

Do you know who your target audience is? Are you consistent with posting content? Do you have an action plan? Tune in to this episode to hear why it is important to understand that there isn’t just one magic piece to the marketing puzzle.

BY THE TIME YOU FINISH LISTENING, YOU’LL UNDERSTAND why marketing is not sales and awareness is not referrals and how you can be more strategic when you have a marketing plan in place. 

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Connect with the host:

Kristina Stubblefield - social media @kristinastubblefield 

About Our Guest: Christy Smallwood is the CEO & Chief Strategic Guide of Eagle Eye Strategies - a strategy-first business that educates and empowers business leaders to new heights of success. She helps people solve problems strategically to maximize time, effort, and money. Her background includes 20+ years in media, marketing and advertising, consumer behavior, leadership training and design, and executive business coaching.

She is also author and speaker of the message of "Being Super - How to be super through turbulent times."

Christy’s mission is to break the status quo of small business, bring order to chaos clearing the clutter of stinking thinking, spark the inspiration of big ideas and audacious goals for purpose-driven entrepreneurs and light a fire under their asses to bring it all to life.










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Marketing Strategy & Thinking It Through Before You Do

Marketing Strategy & Thinking It Through Before You Do

Christy Smallwood