DiscoverHow to Scale a Video Business with Den LennieMarketing Your Offer To Ideal Clients. EP #194 - Den Lennie
Marketing Your Offer To Ideal Clients. EP #194 - Den Lennie

Marketing Your Offer To Ideal Clients. EP #194 - Den Lennie

Update: 2021-06-24


Today, Den reveals all his best marketing techniques, tricks, and strategies for potentially attracting a horde of new clients and whipping up a flurry of new business.

Here's a sneak peek at what you'll hear:

  • 8 damn good reasons why you should visit Den's homepage right quick! And no, this is not so you can read all about Den's accomplishments or look at Den's handsome mug. No. (There is something on Den's website's homepage that can potentially help freelance videographers attract a horde of new clients and new business - fast! Best part? Right now... he's not charging one red cent for it. - 1:10 )
  • The “7-word secret” to building and scaling a business. - 2:10
  • The "two rabbits" marketing strategy that should be avoided at all costs. (If you're struggling to bring in new business right now, then you might very well be committing this marketing blunder explained at 3:10 )
  • The "Everyone and Nobody" marketing maxim probably 1 in 1000 business owners don't fully understand. - 3:45
  • Do most of your prospective clients haggle or balk when you mention your fees? Then you might be making this big mistake mentioned at 4:30
  • A proven (but counterintuitive) marketing strategy almost all business owners stubbornly refuse to use. - 7:00
  • 13 questions you must know about your prospective and current clients if you truly want to build a highly profitable video production business. (Full disclosure: Den doesn't reveal these 13 questions but he does tell you where you can access them. - 7:45
  • The single biggest reason why most marketing messages fail miserably. (You could get tens of thousands of would-be clients to see your marketing message, but if you're making this error in your marketing, then it won't be worth a hill of beans. - 8:50 )
  • The "RO-RP-RT" direct response marketing maxim that if applied correctly can ignite a riot of new business. - 10:30
  • What to do if you're eager to grow your video business but you feel like you've hit a plateau. - 13:00

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Marketing Your Offer To Ideal Clients. EP #194 - Den Lennie

Marketing Your Offer To Ideal Clients. EP #194 - Den Lennie

Den Lennie