DiscoverJumbleThinkMastering Your Dreams with David Lee Jensen
Mastering Your Dreams with David Lee Jensen

Mastering Your Dreams with David Lee Jensen

Update: 2020-03-25


Chasing dreams and ideas can be really hard to do. Mastering them is even harder. But where do you start? Especially when you are dealing with the obstacles of Covid-19. In today's show, David Lee Jensen shares insights from his own personal experiences. David shares how he is navigating Coronavirus with his own events like CR8 Your Future Conferences for Entrepreneurs. Later in the episode David shares how you can figure out what role and outlets are best for your journey as you chase your dreams. We also learn an easy to use process for writing your first book that David has taught countless entrepreneurs and thought leaders.

In the episode we chat about overcoming unforeseen obstacles, seeing new possibilities in seasons of hardship, writing books, taking the leap into entrepreneurship, and finding your perfect role for your life.

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About David Lee Jensen
He's Founded three successful start-ups: The Hiring Academy, Interview Blueprint and CR8 Entrepreneurs along his purpose to create a remarkable impact on the production and prosperity of the world.

He is Author of the #1 Bestselling book The Naked Interview: Hiring Without Regret and also Hire Me Or Else: How to Land a Job You Love. He travels the world as a motivational keynote speaker focused on Culture, Team Building, Hiring, Leadership and Entrepreneurship sharing the stage with the likes of Joe Polish, Richard Branson and Tim Storey. David shares his insight, inspiration and secrets to success, from growing a company to $2.5 billion in client sales to the entrepreneurial leap. His analogies on genius, happiness and his story of overcoming personal adversity to get there are riveting. His expertise in hiring the right person, the first time and every time is applicable in every arena as “The people you choose will change the trajectory of your business... and life.” His clients include Fortune 50 to industry associations, like Microsoft, NetApp, Domino’s, McDonald’s and an affiliate-partnership with Cardone University.

David is currently presenting the CR8 Your Future Conference a two-day live event to help you become - or accelerate as - an entrepreneur. "We'll help you master your message, brand, package, and deliver your knowledge by utilizing strategies of already successful entrepreneurs. This is NOT a 'motivational' event; though you will be inspired! You will learn, workshop and implement actionable tools and leave this event knowing EXACTLY what your next steps are towards sharing your unique ability with the world and enjoying the freedom of entrepreneurship."








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Mastering Your Dreams with David Lee Jensen

Mastering Your Dreams with David Lee Jensen

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