DiscoverThe Executive Connect PodcastMastering the Art of Managing Up: Essential Communication Strategies
Mastering the Art of Managing Up: Essential Communication Strategies

Mastering the Art of Managing Up: Essential Communication Strategies

Update: 2024-03-02


In today’s episode of the Executive Connect Podcast, Melissa Aarskaug welcomed Jaclyn "Jax" Scott, a decorated Special Veterans Warrant Officer with expertise in cybersecurity and electronic warfare. Jax shared invaluable insights on managing up and effective communication in the workplace.


Topics include: 

  • Understanding the Importance of Effective Communication in Managing Up - Jax emphasized the significance of managing not only oneself and subordinates but also one's superiors. Effective communication entails understanding the leader's effectiveness and supporting them in improving areas like time management and organization.
  • Improving Ability to Manage Up – Melissa and Jax spoke about the need for clear, concise communication and radical candor when managing up. Seeking feedback and addressing pain points constructively fosters mutual understanding and credibility.
  • Addressing and Sharing Feelings in Professional Communication - Authenticity and empathy are essential traits of effective leadership. Active listening and acknowledging feelings create rapport and trust, enhancing communication effectiveness.
  •  Engaging Generation Z in the Workplace - Recognizing the unique needs of Gen Z employees, Jax highlights the importance of genuine connection, mentorship, and providing opportunities for growth and leadership roles.
  •  Bridging Communication Gaps Across Generations - Melissa and Jax discussed strategies for organizations to bridge generational communication gaps, including involving younger employees in leadership initiatives and fostering dialogue and mentorship between different generations.


Don’t underestimate the value of confidence and open communication in managing up and fostering effective workplace relationships. They emphasize the importance of mutual understanding, empathy, and continuous learning in bridging generational differences and driving organizational success.


Guest Bio:

Jaclyn "Jax" Scott brings 16 years of invaluable experience from both military and civilian cybersecurity realms. Her strategic contributions have fortified national security via operations with NATO and various defense agencies as well as civilian firms such as Capital One and Mandiant. As an Army Cyber and Electronic Warfare Special Operations Warrant Officer, she mastered cybersecurity frameworks and policies, significantly enhancing cyber defenses. Jax is also dedicated to philanthropy, initiating the "Jax Act" with the Special Operations Association of America to support female special operators. Her role as a cybersecurity educator is amplified through her YouTube channel, Outpost Gray, and her award-winning podcast, 2 Cyber Chicks. Jax is a published author of the “Cybersecurity Career Master Plan," offering insights into navigating the cybersecurity field. An avid hiker and outdoor enthusiast, she combines professional dedication with a commitment to service and personal passions, witnessed by achieving a Master's degree in Cybersecurity Risk Management from Georgetown University.

About Melissa Aarskaug:

I’m an energetic executive with 15+ years of experience steering companies to new heights of growth and scale. An engineer at heart (I started my career as an engineering manager on one of the world’s largest concrete bridges), I’ve become a trusted leader and business builder in the technology and cybersecurity space.









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Mastering the Art of Managing Up: Essential Communication Strategies

Mastering the Art of Managing Up: Essential Communication Strategies

Melissa Aarskaug