DiscoverSleep Meditation for WomenMeditation: Follow Your Own Path
Meditation:  Follow Your Own Path

Meditation: Follow Your Own Path

Update: 2023-05-30


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So let’s begin by getting into a position that’s comfortable for you, perhaps you’re sitting in your favorite chair or even lying down. 

Close your eyes and as you do, let yourself relax deeper into your position, 

Feeling your eyes get heavier, feeling your arms and your legs get heavier. 

And imagining your entire body melting as it relaxes, 

Dropping your shoulders, 

Softening your belly,

Releasing your jaw.  

And just breathe.


Let your breathing deepen,

Inhaling just a little more with every breath in,

And exhaling just a little longer with every breath out.

Feeling the oxygen tingle inside your body.

And just be here for a bit.

One with your breath.

One with the rhythm of your body.

One with this moment. 

Breathe in.

Breathe out. 

Be here.  


What you experience in your life on the outside,

Is a reflection of what you’ve created on the inside.  

To create anew first requires you to let go of what is currently there.

So let go of the stories of how life should be for you, 

Let go of the expectations you have of yourself.

And of the expectations others have of you. 

Let go of the responsibilities you currently have. 

And even the identities you have taken on,

And let yourself simply BE.

Let yourself live here, in this moment, naked. Completely detached from the life you live “out there.”  

Just for this moment.  


I want you to imagine yourself floating in space, looking down on our planet.  

You feel light.  

Notice the silence.  

Notice the calm.  

You look down on Earth and can see the life you’re living down there.  

Notice what you feel as you look down. 

What makes you smile about your life down there?  

What makes you stressed?

What brings you joy? 

What don’t you like?

From this space, hovering above the Earth, outside of your daily life,

You realize how little time you actually have here during this lifetime.  

You realize how precious each moment is, how magical each being is.  

How divine your entire existence is as its connected to every other element on the planet. 

And so you decide.


You decide to do it a bit differently.  

More intentionally.  

More authentically.  

More meaningfully.  

And you know that your inner voice is the one who will guide you.

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Meditation:  Follow Your Own Path

Meditation: Follow Your Own Path

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