DiscoverSleep Meditation for WomenMeditation: Let Go of the Blame and Shame
Meditation:  Let Go of the Blame and Shame

Meditation: Let Go of the Blame and Shame

Update: 2022-11-232


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They’re born in the shadows,

Deep in the cracks or your mind. 

Your ego pushes them through,

Past the fortresses of commitments,

Sidestepping self-awareness,

And bringing them to the front of your thoughts.

They burst like bubbles in the summer wind,

Splashing their venom all over,

Unleashing their words of blame and shame,

To roam free in your mind,

To poison your body. 

It’s okay, sweet one,

You haven’t done anything wrong.  

You are not weak because of this.

Nor are you the person this blame and shame paint you to be. 

You are simply poisoned by their words,

And their meanings,

As they infect your thoughts,

And spread their darkness throughout you.

But they do not have to overpower you,

They do not need to stay.

Because when you recognize that blame and shame are not you,

That they are simply a manifestation of your ego,

Who is full of fear,

You can choose to extract them from you,

And let them go. 


  1. What have blame and shame been saying to you lately? 

  2. How does it feel to let them go? 

  3. What do you want to say to blame and shame? 



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Meditation:  Let Go of the Blame and Shame

Meditation: Let Go of the Blame and Shame

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