DiscoverSleep Meditation for WomenMeditation: Let Go of the Shoulds
Meditation:  Let Go of the Shoulds

Meditation: Let Go of the Shoulds

Update: 2023-05-232


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So let’s begin by closing your eyes and relaxing your body, 

Settling yourself into a comfortable position where you feel relaxed and alert.  

Find your breath. 

Let it bring you inward with its inhale,

And its exhale. 



Let yourself be soothed by the rhythm of your body,

Expanding with your breath in,

And contracting with your breath out.





Settle yourself into your body’s rhythm,

Let it calm you. 

Let it slow you down. 

Let it bring you here. To this breath. To this moment.  


You may have heard it lately. 

The noise in your head.  

I should be doing more, it says.

I’m not doing enough

You might be able to wave it away initially.  

But the noise persists. 

I should be doing this,

I should be doing that.  

This noise can leave you feeling guilty, anxious or deeply judgemental about yourself. 

The noise gets louder when we compare ourselves to others. 

Or when we expect perfection from ourselves. 


But if you listen carefully, 

You’ll hear something beyond all the noise.  

It comes upon you in the most subtle ways. 

In the shower. 

Just before you fall asleep.  

In the loving words from a friend. 

It’s your inner voice. Your true voice. 

The true YOU.  

And your inner voice knows the truth. 

So take a deep breath in and let her words rejuvenate you. 

You are doing a great job, Beautiful. 

You don’t need to do anything more.  

You don’t need to be anything more.  

You are enough.  

You’re doing your best.

And when there is an opening for more, 

I will guide you there with tenderness, excitement and energy...not with the stress and guilt of a hailstorm of shoulds.  

You are incredible.  

And you’re doing a great job right now.  


Bring your attention to your breath and with every breath in, imagine yourself breathing in grace, love and acceptance. 

And with every breath out, imagine yourself letting go of the shame, guilt or perfection you may have been holding onto. 

Breathe in love,

Breathe out guilt. 

Breathe in grace, 

Breathe out perfection. 

Breathe in acceptance,

Breathe out shame.


You are exactly where you need to be right now. You are doing exactly what you need to be doing.  

You are doing your best.  

Trust your voice. 

Namaste, Beautiful.  

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Meditation:  Let Go of the Shoulds

Meditation: Let Go of the Shoulds

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