DiscoverSleep Meditation for WomenMeditation: Lift the Clouds of Darkness
Meditation:  Lift the Clouds of Darkness

Meditation: Lift the Clouds of Darkness

Update: 2022-09-211



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When the noise begins to quiet,

And the movement begins to slow,

The cloud that’s been hovering,

Starts to really show. 

For awhile it’s been lurking,

Its shadows blocking light.

For awhile it’s been hunting, 

Preying on your fright. 

Perhaps you haven’t known,

The meaning of these clouds.

Perhaps they’ve just left you,

Feeling heavy, sad, and down. 

But if you breath deep,

And take some time to see,

With loving eyes you may just,

See what’s here clearly. 

The magic of this vision,

Of seeing what is here,

The clouds of darkness lift,

And release all the fear. 


Before Bed

  1. Why are you feeling the clouds of darkness? 

In the Morning

  1. How do you feel this morning? 

  2. How do you want your day to go? 


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Meditation:  Lift the Clouds of Darkness

Meditation: Lift the Clouds of Darkness

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