DiscoverSleep Meditation for WomenMeditation: When You're Feeling Low
Meditation:  When You're Feeling Low

Meditation: When You're Feeling Low

Update: 2023-03-236


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You don’t always know why,

The dark feelings begin.

The sadness,

The negativity,

The sense of feeling lost. 

Soon, these emotions fill you,

And pull on your heart.

Until you find yourself numbing the pain,

And wondering how you got here.

This is the moment of truth.

When you can turn it all around,

And release the heaviness.

This is the moment,

When you can see beyond your emotions,

And reconnect with the deepest part of you.

This is where freedom begins.


Before Bed

  1. Why do you think you’re feeling low? 

  2. List 5 positive characteristics about yourself.

In the Morning

  1. How do you want your day to go today?

Who could you reach out to and share a bit about how you’re feeling?


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Meditation:  When You're Feeling Low

Meditation: When You're Feeling Low

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