DiscoverSleep Meditation for WomenMeditation: Keep Moving Towards Your Goals
Meditation: Keep Moving Towards Your Goals

Meditation: Keep Moving Towards Your Goals

Update: 2023-09-202


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A goal tends to come in pieces,

One determined choice after another.

Just as we live our lives day by day,

We go after what we want the same way.


The key is just to keep moving,

To pedal with all of your might.

Keep those feet in steady motion,

And the larger aim clearly in sight.


Though your legs will regularly complain,

And the sweat will roll right in your eyes.

If you give in to the voice that wants you to quit,

The prize you seek soon evaporates.


You’ll have to steer around the bumps,

And veer away from things in your path.

Sometimes there’ll be a detour,

Or a shutdown you can’t bypass.


Some days the wind blows hard and long,

Directly in your face.

Other days the sun zaps all your strength,

Making you think you can’t go on.


Angry clouds may threaten you,

Promising to drench your plans.

And tiny bugs dart up your nose,

Making breath even harder to come by.


But all of this is par for the course.

It comes with the decision to ride.

And nothing you’ll meet along the way,

Is a reason to change your mind.


The best part is when you hit your stride,

When you cruise through the curves like a pro.

When you suddenly feel like you could ride forever,

And you finally know what’s so. 


You won’t feel like that indefinitely;

Fatigue will certainly return.

But for a little while, you’ll be in the flow,

Body and mind like one brilliant machine.


That’s when your goals start to feel manageable,

Like something you can easily achieve.

And even if your confidence fades a bit,

You finally know what you can achieve.


Once you reach the top of a hill,

No matter how many remain,

Your spirit decides you have it in you,

That you can do it all over again.


Just take a breath and listen to spirit,

To know that you’re plugged into truth.

Instead of dismissing what she tells you,

Start planning to take that next hill.


And just like bike riding always returns,

No matter how long you’ve been away,

Your dreams don’t ever give up on you,

Always shining when you look their way.


So what route will you take to your dreams?

How far must you ride to get there?

How clear and compelling is your vision,

Dream big so you can be aware.


For the you who finishes the journey,

Will be different than the one you know now.

You’ll have struggled and learned and proven yourself,

Fighting the odds to see your way through.


If your mind starts to ask questions,

If it suddenly makes you have doubts,

Gently remind it your feet are in charge,

That they’ll decide if you set out.


Your mind so often fool you,

And steer you away from what’s best,

You can rely on muscle memory,

To guide you along your quest.


Your mind will join in for the ride,

As soon as your body starts moving.

It just needs the push from your feet,

To launch you toward all of your yearnings.


Pull in a deep breath, note your heart’s steady beat.

Let go of that breath, feel the purpose in your feet.


You have to keep moving,

You have to see it through.

Quitting breaks your spirit,

So hang on for a brand new view.



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Meditation: Keep Moving Towards Your Goals

Meditation: Keep Moving Towards Your Goals

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