DiscoverSleep Meditation for WomenMeditation: Let Go of Disappointment
Meditation: Let Go of Disappointment

Meditation: Let Go of Disappointment

Update: 2023-05-281


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Breathe now,

And ease into your most favorite sleeping position. 


Take a deep breath in, and as you exhale, let go of any tension or worries from the day. 

Allow your body and mind to gently release any tension, 

and bring your awareness to the present moment.


Now, see if you can recall a recent experience where you felt disappointed. 

It could be a disappointment in yourself, others, or a situation. 

Allow yourself to fully acknowledge and feel the disappointment, 

without judgment or resistance. 

Notice where you feel it in your body, and gently breathe into that area, allowing it to soften.


As you breathe, imagine that with each inhale, 

you are inhaling soothing and healing energy, 

and with each exhale, 

you are releasing disappointment and any related emotions. 

Breathe in peace, and breathe out disappointment.


Now, bring to mind any expectations or attachments that you had in relation to the situation that led to disappointment. 

Notice if there were any rigid expectations, unrealistic demands, or attachments to outcomes. 

Without judgment, simply observe them as they arise, 

and offer yourself compassion for holding onto these expectations.


Visualize yourself holding these expectations in your hands, 

and then gently release them, letting them float away like clouds in the sky. 

Allow yourself to let go of any need for things to be different, 

and simply be present with what is, without resistance or grasping.


As you continue to breathe, imagine a warm, 

healing light enveloping you, comforting and nurturing you. 

Allow this healing light to fill any spaces within you that were occupied by disappointment, 

soothing and calming those areas with love and acceptance.


Now, bring to mind any forgiveness that may be needed.

Forgiveness towards yourself or others involved in the situation that led to disappointment. 

Offer yourself and others forgiveness, 

knowing that everyone makes mistakes and has their own challenges. 

Allow forgiveness to flow freely, releasing any lingering resentment or bitterness.


Take a few moments to simply rest in this space of letting go, 

Of surrendering to the present moment, and of cultivating self-compassion and forgiveness. 

Let go of the past, and be fully present in this moment, 

knowing that you have the power to release disappointment and create a fresh start.


As you prepare to drift off to sleep, allow these words to embrace your heart. 

I release disappointment and embrace the present moment with love and acceptance. 

I am worthy of forgiveness and compassion.

You are deserving of peace and healing.


Now, as you slowly begin to drift into sleep, carry with you a sense of lightness and freedom from disappointment. 

Release any remaining tension in your body, 

and surrender to the gentle rhythm of your breath,

The gentle rhythm of the night. 

Full of peace,

And love. 

Namaste, Beautiful

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Meditation: Let Go of Disappointment

Meditation: Let Go of Disappointment

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