DiscoverSleep Meditation for WomenMeditation: Lucid Dreaming
Meditation: Lucid Dreaming

Meditation: Lucid Dreaming

Update: 2023-05-24


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Close your eyes and let your mind drift away,

As you enter the realm where dreams hold sway.

One by one, the stars begin to appear,

Guiding you to a world that's near and dear. 


You find yourself in a meadow so green,

Where moonbeams dance and fireflies gleam.

The air is filled with a calming scent,

As you step into this dreamscape fully present. 


You notice a path that beckons to you,

Lined with flowers of every hue.

Their petals soft and glowing bright,

Bathing the night in a magical light.


You follow the path with eager stride,

Feeling a sense of wonder inside.

Your footsteps light, as if you float,

In this realm where dreams take note.


As you walk, you become aware,

That you have entered a world so rare.

Where dreams and reality intertwine,

In a place where your thoughts design.


You realize you're dreaming, yet also awake,

This lucid dream is yours to create.

With boundless possibilities at your command,

You're free to explore and understand.


You imagine a soaring flight through the sky,

With wings that spread and let you fly.

Feeling the wind against your face,

As you explore this dreamlike space.


You summon a beach with golden sands,

Where waves caress with gentle hands.

You dip your toes in the sparkling sea,

Feel the magic of the dream set free.


You create a garden with flowers in bloom,

With fragrances that chase away all gloom.

Colors so vivid, a feast for the eyes,

A masterpiece of your own dreamy skies.


You meet dream characters along the way,

With wisdom to share and games to play.

They represent parts of your inner self,

Guiding you to discover yourself.


In this lucid dream, you're in control,

Creating a world that delights your soul.

Exploring the depths of your own mind,

Unveiling truths that you long to find.


As the night unfolds in a wondrous display,

You marvel at the power of dreams at play.

Knowing that you can return anytime,

This lucid dream is so sublime.


As the dream draws to a gentle close,

You feel a sense of peace and repose.

Grateful for the journey you have taken,

In this realm where dreams awaken.


Tomorrow you’ll awake filled with awe,

Carrying the magic that you saw.

Knowing that in the world of sleep,

Your dreams can give you wisdom to keep.


Sleep now, dear one, with peace in your heart,

As you delve into dreams, a world apart.

Lucid and free, you'll navigate the night,

With boundless creativity as your guiding light.


Sleep now, dear one, with a heart full of bliss,

As you through a dreamy abyss.

A world of endless wonder awaits,

In the realm of dreams, where your spirit creates.

Namaste, Beautiful

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Meditation: Lucid Dreaming

Meditation: Lucid Dreaming

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