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Meditation: The Tree of Life

Meditation: The Tree of Life

Update: 2023-03-134


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Her branches sway, 

In the wind, 

Her leaves make music and play. 

She moves a little, 

And can bend a lot, 

But her roots are going to stay.

She welcomes in,

All who need her,

To provide a warm place to nest.

Arms wide open, 

Heart full of love, 

She always provides the best. 

Her roots dig deep, 

Into the ground, 

And gather the food that she needs. 

She reaches up high, 

To drink in the sun, 

So she can create all her seeds. 

Breathe her in, 

And feel the big life, 

That exists in her blooms and her bark.

She’s soft and she’s hard, 

She knows who she is,

She knows she’s making her mark. 


  1. What did this meditation bring up for you? 

  2. What wisdom can you take away from the tree of life? 

  3. How can you give more love today?


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Meditation: The Tree of Life

Meditation: The Tree of Life

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