DiscoverThe EntreprenHer Show from Women in EcommerceMeet Liz Sara, Chair - National Women's Business Council
Meet Liz Sara, Chair - National Women's Business Council

Meet Liz Sara, Chair - National Women's Business Council

Update: 2020-08-19


Welcome to the EntreprenHer Show.

Today’s guest is  Liz. Sara, chair of the National Women's Business Council

I am Heidi Richards Mooney, Founder of Women in Ecommerce & host of The EnterprenHer Show. it is my pleasure to bring you today’s program...

Let me tell you about today’s Guest. Liz Sara is the Founder and President of Best Marketing, LLC, where she consults for more than 90 small businesses in the high-tech sector, and serves as a chief business advisor to entrepreneurs in creating and executing go-to marketing strategies. Previously, she played a principal role as Co-founder of SpaceWorks, an eCommerce software company, where she facilitated its startup and growth to nearly $25 million in revenue.

Ms. Sara recently completed her term as the first female Board Chair of the Dingman Center of Entrepreneurship at the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business. Ms. Sara is also an Adjunct Professor of Marketing at the Smith School of Business. She is an angel investor, a mentor to startup CEOs through many incubators and accelerators, and a frequent author and conference speaker on topics related to entrepreneurship and business.

Welcome Liz!

  • Tell us about the National Women's Business Council, its mission and purpose.

  • Tell us about how you became involved in and your work as chair of the National Women's Business Council.

  • What do you think holds women back from creating companies that reach a global market, particularly in the STEM (science, technology, engineering, maths) industries?

  • How is the National Women's Business Council helping women-led businesses during the pandemic?

  • How can we get involved?

  • Let’s talk about your company, BestMarketing and how you built it to become a premier firm helping the tech sector?

  • What got you interested in Marketing as a career? And what do you like most about what you do?

  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

  • Any last thoughts?

  • What is the best way for our listeners to get in touch with/connect with you?

  • Be sure and sign up for more information at to learn about their virtual round table events and to attend their September 29th Public Meeting where the NWBC will gather information that will be presented to Congress in December.

  • Connect with Liz on Twitter @LizSaraPR and LinkedIn - Liz Sara.

Thank you for listening to  Be sure and stay tuned for our next show featuring Rosana Santos, President and CEO of Big Chef - a gourmet catering and food manufacturing company and how she has managed to stay viable during the global challenges we are each facing today.


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Meet Liz Sara, Chair - National Women's Business Council

Meet Liz Sara, Chair - National Women's Business Council

Heidi Richards Mooney