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Meet Meghan Gilroy – Travel and Transformation

Meet Meghan Gilroy – Travel and Transformation

Update: 2022-01-28


As a little girl, nothing could send the same jolt of anticipation and excitement through Meghan Gilroy as these two words. When her mom broadcasted their plans to hit the road, it meant two things: adventure . . . and the end of tax season.

(NOTE: this is a replay of an interview I did with Meghan in 2017 - it is that good!)

Travel and business have always been interwoven in Meghan’s world.

As the daughter of an accountant who owned his own firm, her mom would bundle her and her brother in the back of our station wagon (with rear-facing seats!) to give her dad a breather after long months of crunching numbers.

They covered many states in their family vehicle — which she gleefully colored in on the hand-drawn map. Meghan religiously tracked her goal of visiting all 50 states.

By the time Meghan was in high school, she set my set my sights on traveling to foreign lands in as many fun ways and unusual circumstances as she could dream up.

Infiltrating Russia before perestroika as one of the first Western exchange students? Check.

Touring Europe in a youth orchestra? Her bags are packed!

Backpacking at youth hostels in Australia and New Zealand after college by myself? Done!

Then, in 1998, her love of travel took a whole new twist: traveling afar for deep, inner transformation and healing instead of business or pleasure.

An out-of-control classroom, heartbreak, and betrayal drove her to study with the international best-selling author of The Four Agreements, don Miguel Ruiz.

Over the next decade, she followed don Miguel Ruiz around the world, eventually co-teaching with him, running his international retreat business, and even getting locked into Machu Picchu at night with the llamas! Travel + Transformation have taken her around the globe ever since.

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Meet Meghan Gilroy – Travel and Transformation

Meet Meghan Gilroy – Travel and Transformation

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