Meet Nicole with Dear Handmade Life

Meet Nicole with Dear Handmade Life

Update: 2021-06-21


In this week’s episode we meet Nicole:  a maker, mama, mental health warrior, and the CEO and creative director at Dear Handmade Life. Nicole wears allllll the hats. She has a blog, a podcast, a shop, directs Camp Dear Handmade Life, puts on local makers festivals, and the highlight of her year is hosting the Craftcation Conference in California. (Did I mention it’s at the BEACH?!)

Through curating events, education and community for creatives, Nicole is helping thousands upon thousands of women turn passion into profession while connecting and inspiring one another. Amazing, right?!

There’s no denying Nicole does it all. How does she do it?? In this episode you’ll hear how Nicole juggles business, motherhood, and taking care of herself. 

Here are some episode highlights you won’t want to miss:

  • Looking at your life through a lens of gratitude and also growth
  • Collision between therapy and crafting
  • Process over Product
  • Priorities at different parts of life
  • What Nicole wishes she had known about before starting her business
  • Coping with mental health disorder
  • How Nicole finds the good in the bad

BONUS: Find out which P word Nicole doesn’t use ;) Listen here!

You can find Nicole on Instagram @dearhandmadelife and head on over to her website to find her latest blog posts, podcast episodes, and event information. 

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Meet Nicole with Dear Handmade Life

Meet Nicole with Dear Handmade Life

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