DiscoverMontana Outdoor PodcastMeet The Wizard of The Waterways!
Meet The Wizard of The Waterways!

Meet The Wizard of The Waterways!

Update: 2023-04-08


This is our last installment in our series "How to Find the Right Boat For You"!  We have had a great time meeting a whole bunch of incredible experts who have given us great advice especially this last guest, Matt Cowen of Mon-Dak Marine in Glasgow, Montana. After doing this Podcast we decided to nickname Mattt The Wizard of The Waterways! Man oh man is he smart!! Matt covered a ton of stuff with us, from great advice on what to look for and check if you are going to buy a used boat to telling us some amazing facts about the new boats that Mon-Dak Marine sells which are Yar-Craft, Warrior and Crestliner, all of which are some of the most iconic fishing boats in the world!

Matt is also one of the most knowledgeable people in the world when it comes to the accessories you can add to your boat. He truly is a Wizard when it comes to knowing how to get  sonars, fish finders, navigation equipment and other electronics to work the way you want them too! So many fishermen spend thousands of dollars on electronics for their boat and then sadly never know how to actually work them. In fact Matt's Wizarding ways were so impressive that we are going to have him come back and do an entire podcast just on electronics for your boat next week!

All and all this podcast is one that you should not put off listening to! After you finish listening to it you will feel like you have graduated from the Hogwarts College of Boating! (For those of you that are wondering what the heck is Hogwarts, that was the name of the wizard school that Harry Potter went to.  Sorry for nerding out there but we couldn't help it. Matt Cowen of Mon-Dak Marine is just amazing. We just can't say enough great things about what we learned from Mat in this Podcast.

If you want to ask Matt any questions after you listen you can contact him by clicking here. If you want to take a look at the new and used boats at Mon-Dak Marine click here.  To learn more about Matt Cowen and Mon-Dak Marine just click here. Also be sure and let Downrigger Dale know what you thought of this podcast by clicking here to email him

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Meet The Wizard of The Waterways!

Meet The Wizard of The Waterways!

Matt Cowen owner and Wizard of Mon-Dak Marine in Glasgow, MT.