Meet Your Maker

Meet Your Maker

Update: 2020-05-29


You guys knows me as Holli Mostella, content creator. With this platform, i want to show you what it’s like behind the craft room doors. To bring in people that inspire me, and to have a place where my voice can be heard.

Thank for joining for my first official episode of Beyond Crafting. Where I hope to encourage you in and outside of the craft room.. or if you are like me for many years, at the kitchen table.

In this episode I want to reveal more of myself. So we can get to know each other before we get started on this amazing adventure. 

So, while we go through this journey together, here’s a few things to know about me: I am a mama to two beautiful daughters. Yes, it’s hard, yes, it’s almost impossible to get things done, but that’s for another episode. I am a huge advocate for mental health, and many other things that stigma surrounds. I am a lover of all things crafty. I make glitter and artistic tumblers, I love metal stamping like with Impressart, I love hand lettering images for my patrons, and I am a Product Expert for Cricut.

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Meet Your Maker

Meet Your Maker

Holli Mostella