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Meet the Host Suchi Srinivasan

Meet the Host Suchi Srinivasan

Update: 2022-10-31


 We’re kicking off Season 2 with our new co-host Suchi Srinivasan, an AI and digital expert and Managing Director and Partner at BCG Platinion. In this episode, Suchi takes us on the journey that led her to the top of a field that's straight out of science fiction.

Suchi grew up with a dad who worked as an engineer, and vividly remembers the tech he brought home with him from work. After her studies, she went on to work as a software engineer at the former Bell Telephone Laboratories, moving on to Microsoft during a time of huge change and innovation in the company. Suchi is passionate about using technology as a way to solve some of our world’s most complex and pressing challenges such as climate change. 

In 2011 Suchi became one of the founding members of the Cleanweb Hackathon, a non-profit community-building event for global entrepreneurs and software developers. The goal was to drive IT-powered innovation and large-scale climate change impact. The event grew into an organization that boasted over 10,000 members across 25+ countries.

Suchi is also an advisor and sponsor for Women In Cloud, a community-led economic development organization taking collective action to generate $1B in new net economic access for women entrepreneurs and professionals by 2030.

Join us every episode with hosts Suchi Srinivasan & Corin Lines from BCG to hear meaningful conversations with women in digital, technology, and business.

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Meet the Host Suchi Srinivasan

Meet the Host Suchi Srinivasan

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