Meet the family

Meet the family

Update: 2021-07-02


In this packed episode, we dig into host Sean Tyler's journey in radio, his other gig of being a VP of a global leading record label, and how he got into cigars.

We recorded during our event with Crowned Heads Cigars. So of course we had to bring on our first guests onto the Up in Smoke Podcast. We steal Dave Payne away from his table of goodness to talk about Crowned Heads Cigars and his time with one of our favorite vendors.

It isn't a La Cultura Party without sharing the love with some KC neighbors. We also talk to Travis Moore of Torn Label Brewing and David Garcia of Selection Garment Co. David donated a suit as part of our grand prize and Travis, well Travis brought beer. Cause Travis is awesome like that.

Now then, if we could be serious for a moment. It's been a couple months that we've been coming directly to you via this medium. We like you, you like us. We want to move to the next step. But to do that, you need to meet the rest of the family. While Ben is the face of La Cultura, and Mike is the grease in the engine, we know we wouldn't be where we are today if David "Swinny" Swinburne hadn't have shared his dream of opening a cigar shop with Ben. Hear the back story and realize that passion for cigars and the comradery that comes with it is all that drives us.

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Meet the family

Meet the family

La Cultura's Up in Smōk with Sean Tyler