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Melanated Moms Rise Up with Jaye Wilson

Melanated Moms Rise Up with Jaye Wilson

Update: 2021-02-09


"Success will not come tomorrow unless you start today"

Things have taken a life of their own during the last year but it has not halted the opportunity for creativity and success. There were many businesses that opened their doors for the first time during the pandemic. History has also shown that in times when things seem overwhelming or bleak that some of the greatest companies were birthed. That is a good word for it...birthed!

What will you birth in this season?

Jaye shared some key things that will help you to be able to not only get started but to stay consistent as we navigate through a new normal in the entrepreneurial industry. Things like having a village are not new terms to many but life circumstances have detoured us away from that simple way of creating and leveraging relationships in business.

Jaye's nuggets:
~ When you have an idea it may take some time before you are in the position to birth that idea
~ Support is important during every stage and process of building your business
~ Don't despise small beginnings.
~ Your village will include people that you meet along the way (Cultivate those relationships)
~ Be open - it allows people to share things with you that can help you to grow in life and business
~ It takes courage to show up - applaud yourself for being courageous

When you decide that having a village is valuable for you in life and in business you protect it. This can be a double-edged sword at times because the fear of bringing other people into your village may bring up past circumstances where the results were not the best. Don't allow that to hinder you! Continue to create new connections because as we have seen before, you never know who you may be sitting next to or standing next to.

Jaye's story is one that will inspire you when it comes to taking that first step. DO IT! I do have a question for you tho. Are you consistently building and cultivating your village?

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Meet Jaye:

As a serial entrepreneur, Jaye has combined her experiences in motherhood with her background in healthcare as a community health nurse to build the blueprint for her company, Melanated Moms. Jaye’s work has created an authentic safe space for moms and women across the Melanated Spectrum to Find Their Roars and use their voices as advocates for themselves and their children. In 3 years, Jaye has grown Melanated Moms into a globally-recognized advocacy network for women who once felt invisible. She continues her work with her 2 daughters, Nadiyah & Ava by her side to show them the legacy being built starts with them.

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Melanated Moms Rise Up with Jaye Wilson

Melanated Moms Rise Up with Jaye Wilson

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