Men Bake Cookies with Mike Skyring

Men Bake Cookies with Mike Skyring

Update: 2023-04-25


Mike lives in South Lyon, MI, and sells gourmet cookies and custom-decorated sugar cookies with his cottage food business, Men Bake Cookies.

Mike’s business started totally by accident in 2021. He was never a baker until he made some decorated cookies for his daughter’s birthday, and people started to take notice.

For what Mike initially lacked in baking and business knowledge, he more than made up for with his passion to go all-in with this new business venture, and as a result, Mike’s business escalated very quickly!

In this episode, you’ll hear many of the marketing strategies Mike used to turn his cottage food bakery into the success that it is today.

What You’ll Learn

  • Why you must step out of your comfort zone when starting a business
  • Tips for finding a niche in your local market
  • Factors that determine the price range of your cookies
  • How to set boundaries when accepting custom orders
  • Strategies for balancing a full-time job, business, and family
  • How to leverage email marketing to reach customers and promote your brand
  • The importance of positioning your products as high-end
  • How to differentiate your products and increase their perceived value
  • The process for trademarking your business name


Men Bake Cookies website (Instagram | Facebook)

Sugar Cookie Marketing

Michigan Cookiers Facebook Group

Michigan Cottage Food Law

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Men Bake Cookies with Mike Skyring

Men Bake Cookies with Mike Skyring

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