DiscoverThe Gray Area with Sean IllingMen and boys are struggling. Should we care?
Men and boys are struggling. Should we care?

Men and boys are struggling. Should we care?

Update: 2022-12-1215


Sean Illing talks with author, researcher, and Brookings Institution senior fellow Richard V. Reeves about his new book Of Boys and Men, which documents the ways that males all over the industrialized world are struggling — and what to do about it. Sean and Richard talk about how this crisis among men has its roots in the progress societies have made toward gender equality, about what has been exposed as the playing field has become more level, and about how to challenge our traditional understandings of masculinity and fatherhood in order to address the crisis — which, Reeves says, will be to everybody's benefit.

Host: Sean Illing (@seanilling), host, The Gray Area

Guest: Richard V. Reeves (@RichardvReeves), author; senior fellow, Brookings Institution; director, Future of the Middle Class Initiative



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Comments (14)

James Loar

@28:07 ... I would extend the feminism problem to be more in the denigrating of boys it has caused.

Dec 26th

James Loar

@7:00 ...that the education systems were biased towards girls has been known for decades...this is not some new discovery. Schools are geared towards the way girls learn. The difficulty of the structured classrooms has always been known for boys. While the roadblocks to girls education removed are being discussed, hopefully they will explain why boys have declined. My hypothesis for boys decline is due to more fatherless homes for boys.

Dec 26th
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Men and boys are struggling. Should we care?

Men and boys are struggling. Should we care?