DiscoverUnbreakable InvestorMicrosoft & Atlassian Earnings - The Force is Strong in the Cloud.
Microsoft & Atlassian Earnings - The Force is Strong in the Cloud.

Microsoft & Atlassian Earnings - The Force is Strong in the Cloud.

Update: 2020-01-30


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Atlassian’s (TEAM) Q2 FY20 earnings report

Microsoft (MSFT) Q2 FY 2020 Earnings Results

Earnings Call Transcript

Satya Nadella -- Chief Executive Officer

Microsoft Teams is the leading hub for teamwork. Now with more than 20 million daily active users, people are increasingly engaged across the platform in richer forms of communication and collaboration, participating in more than 27 million meetings a month. Integrated calendaring, pop-out chats and one touch to join meetings from your phone keeps work, conversations and meetings in the context, eliminating the need to bounce back and forth between apps.

We are reimagining the meeting rooms of the future with Teams integration with Cisco's Webex and new devices from Lenovo. And our partnership with Samsung, along with the new walkie-talkie feature in Teams gives first-line workers the technology they need to be more collaborative, productive and secure on-the-go. All this innovation is driving usage. 64,000 employees at L'Oreal are using Teams. More than 70,000 first-line employees at IKEA are moving to Teams for shift management. From Nestle to Tesco, the world's largest companies are choosing Microsoft 365, and we continue to see increased demand for our premium offerings from customers like AXA, Rockwell Automation, Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance and Duracell.

Mark Murphy -- J.P. Morgan -- Analyst

Yes, thank you. Satya, a few quarters ago, you had commented that Teams is the fastest-growing app in the Company's history. Wondering if you could clarify if that is a reference to daily active user growth or bookings impact. Or is that a comment on user engagement and the time being spent in Teams or some other criteria? As well, Amy, wondering if you could offer any kind of directional thoughts on just how to model the Windows OEM line post-Windows 7 end of support and going into fiscal year '21. And any high-level thoughts on how you think that could trend versus what happened in the prior cycle?

Satya Nadella -- Chief Executive Officer

Yeah. Thanks for the question, Mark. My comment was mostly around deployment, engagement, the depth of engagement. There are very few types of products, which have these platform effects. Teams is a scaffolding, that is, obviously, related to messaging, which has significant usage. It's also driving usage of the rest of Office, because rest of Office gets integrated in the usage patterns around channels. It's, obviously, used in meetings. It's also the place where business process workflows in context of messaging happen and both for knowledge workers and first-line workers. So, when I look at all of that cumulative effect, it's much broader than any other user experience scaffolding and in terms of its ability to drive that type of platform effect and engagement. So we're excited about it. And we continue to see that, and you saw that in my remarks as well.

From Q1 FY 2020 Earnings Call

Satya Nadella -- Chief Executive Officer

Teams keeps all of your work, conversations and meetings in context, elim
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Microsoft & Atlassian Earnings - The Force is Strong in the Cloud.

Microsoft & Atlassian Earnings - The Force is Strong in the Cloud.

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