DiscoverOff Track with Hinch and RossiMid-Season Lull and Glamping
Mid-Season Lull and Glamping

Mid-Season Lull and Glamping

Update: 2020-07-231


The guys recap the season so far, and are shocked to discover that Alex Rossi is the only person in the world having a sub-par 2020. They celebrate Conor getting his first pole, then talk about the difference between camping and glamping.


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Gary Wood

This was an excellent episode and it left me highly optimistic about all three of you. I listen largely because I am an fan of the Mayor and I am like almost everyone else and want to see him back in the car full time. That said James you are as much a natural behind the mic as behind the wheel. It appears as if you really enjoy the job which is a big positive. Still you belong in the car. I really think that Alex showed more of himself in this episode that in any previous one. I heard an understanding and honest acceptance of the situation. IMO this is the right base for a solid remainder of the season. Alex you are just as talented now as before and so is the team, so by standing on a solid base the group of you are going to leap forward and earn the result you expect and deserve. Thim maybe has the hardest job. You are trying to stay positive and find your own happiness all the while being a single parent and working to put as much joy as you can into your daughter's life. Glamping or Camping, it doesn't matter. What does is that you are doing the job. Thanks for an excellent episode and I look forward to the next. In the meantime stay safe in the hotbed of Covid.

Jul 25th
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Mid-Season Lull and Glamping

Mid-Season Lull and Glamping