DiscoverThe Progressive WomanMigration, identity and keeping culture alive with Denara Amat
Migration, identity and keeping culture alive with Denara Amat

Migration, identity and keeping culture alive with Denara Amat

Update: 2021-03-10


Today we are speaking with Denara Amat, the founder of Seda Collective, an ethical fashion brand connecting the stories of artisans across the globe. 
We talk of the beginning of Seda and how meeting the artisans she works with has deepened her story, and empowered her to share her own voice.

'I don't empower these artisans, they empower me' 

Denara shares her story of migrating to Australia 15 years ago and speaks of how she has adapted, put on a brave face, founded  her ethical business, stepped away from limitations and begun shedding light on her truth.

As an Uzbec/Uyghur Woman from East Turkestan, Denara speaks  about her reality of being a woman from a culture that has been and IS ( right now) experiencing genocide. For over 15O years her country and culture has been subjected to ethnical cleansing and she speaks of finding out about the truth of her origin and her experiences growing up in China. 

We talk about how The Black Lives Matter Movement created a wave across the globe and how it also gave Denara a sense of power to expand and be seen.

She is here to be a voice and give opportunity to people whose stories are being lost. Her brand is an echo of her passion, hard-work, strength and the merging of traditions in the modern world. 

Amongst her expansion of self-identity in 2020, her brand Seda partnered with Australian iconic brand Gorman with a capsule collection. Denara is continuing ethical collaborations with more artisans, brands and people who want to create a better world and a better life. Already supporting over 30 indigenous families in Columbia Denara is only getting started. 

As we dive into Denara's story and share each of our perspectives and experiences we invite you to lean into your own story. 
Have you felt similar? 
Do you resonate? and if so how? 

As we share our stories we give permission for ourselves to rise above the narratives and honour our unique journeys. Plus we give permission for others to deepen too, we can raise the frequencies of each other by storytelling, sharing and connecting. 

If you've resonated with this episode or any of Season 1 we would love to hear from you by leaving a comment, subscribing or sharing with another woman who may need to hear these stories.

Important Note: You can deepen your knowledge on the genocide that is currently happening for the Uyghur people by googling 'Free Uyghurs', inform yourself and stand for voices who need the support. 

"I would like to pay my respects to the traditional owners of the land in which we work on and with, the land of the Wadawurrang people. I pay my respects to their Elders, past and present, and Emerging"

Music: 'Eyes of Wonder' by Caleb Etheridge 

Production: The Storyteller Co.

Guest Speaker: Denara Amat


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Migration, identity and keeping culture alive with Denara Amat

Migration, identity and keeping culture alive with Denara Amat