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In this Dateline classic, a young father in the California mountains calls 911 to report that he had been in a shoot-out with a car full of strangers. With one man dead and two others injured, authorities wonder if this was self-defense or something else. Keith Morrison reports. Originally aired on NBC on October 18, 2013.

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Jeremiah C.

The guy was a fool. but the kids were playing stupid games, and unfortunately you win stupid prizes. I really don't like that saying, "kids just doing what kids do". .. some kids have more sense then others... And for those who are inclined to do stuff, unfortunately they have to face the stupid consequences that follow, some worse than others. sadly something horrible happened, mentally unstable dude was triggered by kids who thought it would be funny to vandalize the sign that threatened being shot. poor kid lost his life, and a poor family lost their husband father. just bad overall.

Jan 13th

Alexandra Cowells

What a fucking nut. "Only red-blooded Christian Americans allowed"?? GTFO. Thankfully he was convicted.

Jan 13th

Heather Foy

I believe exactly what he said at the very end. The police set their sights on him right from the beginning and they did everything they could to prove their theory. This man probably won't ever see a fair trial.

Jan 10th


I feel awful for Rory's Friends and Family. But being a father and Letting your young kids (wife too) down in a way easily preventable is heartbreaking.

Jan 7th
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The Everyday Bombshell

He hunted down and killed a guy. This was not self defense. But for his actions of leaving his property to better serve his EGO, no one would have died. I'm all for standing your ground and protecting your family. But let's make no mistake that's not what happened here. This man abandoned his family, which for all he knew could at that very moment could be in danger if those men were indeed thieves and had accomplices. He left the people he was thinking about the most alone so he could hunt down people. This was murder.

Jan 7th
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Cody W

Damn Chad's

Jan 7th
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