DiscoverMind KindMind Kind Ep.7 – Non Violent Response (NVR)
Mind Kind Ep.7 – Non Violent Response (NVR)

Mind Kind Ep.7 – Non Violent Response (NVR)

Update: 2022-03-24


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Dr Joanna North is a psychotherapist and psychologist specialising in child mental health and author of the book Mind Kind - Your Child's Mental Health.

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Link to the Mind Kind book: Mind Kind – Your Child's Mental Health

A note about emailing me your questions: I have so many questions and great suggestions from parents that I am not asking for more questions to be emailed at the moment, thank you for your understanding – Joanna North

PLEASE NOTE: Mind Kind is an information-based platform only.  Whilst this may be useful and is built on psychological knowledge,  it is not intended for direct treatment or to substitute the advice of your physician and our e mail is not for contact in an emergency.    If you have concerns about the mental health and wellbeing of your child or any adult, please contact your doctor for treatment   For the UK contact 111 for advice or 999 in an emergency or go to NHS Every Mind Matters website.  You can contact The Samaritans on 116 123.    For countries other than the United Kingdom please contact your physician or emergency services relevant to your state or country.   Take care and seek expert advice local to you if you need help. 









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Mind Kind Ep.7 – Non Violent Response (NVR)

Mind Kind Ep.7 – Non Violent Response (NVR)

Joanna North