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Mindful Productivity with Sarah Steckler

Mindful Productivity with Sarah Steckler

Update: 2022-01-17


In Episode 64 – Mindful Productivity with Sarah Seckler - I sit down with Sarah Steckler! Sarah is a Productivity Strategist who teaches entrepreneurs how to organize their mind, create sustainable & mindful productivity inside of Notion, and turn ideas into published planners & journals they can sell around the world! She's the host of the Mindful Productivity Podcast and author of a variety of journals and planners including the Mindful Productivity Guide Undated Planner and the Daily Productivity & Brain Dump Book. 

While the conversation is all about all thing’s mindful productivity, Sarah and I share our best tips and tricks for practicing mindfulness, we chat about our experiences with sensory overwhelm (it’s a total unplanned side tangent that I think you'll totally vibe with), we chat the highs and lows of transitional seasons and how Sarah navigated her career transition from corporate to entrepreneurship. While this summary just scratches the surface of today’s conversation, we sure hope you’ll come hang for a bit today as we unpack more life lessons and share our best tips and tricks for keeping your head above water in the most challenging of transitional seasons!

[1:55 ] Who is Sarah Steckler?
[3:45 ] Sarah's story and how she got to where we are now!
[6:05 ] Sarah's transition from the corporate world to entrepreneurship (wellness, education, grad school, 1:1 coaching, curriculum development)
[9:25 ] The critical mindset reframe that helped Sarah feel unstuck
[11:57 ] Giving yourself permission to go after your dream life
[14:34 ] Find yourself seeking external validation often? Find the people that get it!
[17:30 ] The best way is the way that works for YOU!
[18:15 ] How to continually show up as your most authentic self and still successfully navigate the corporate world
[19:15 ] Mindfulness practices
[25:10 ] Sensory needs and sensory overwhelm
[33:32 ] Life admin type stuff
[36:02 ] Focus projects and resourcefulness
[38:03 ] Sarah's signature courses - Pretty Productive Life, Publish with Purpose
[42:45 ] Advice for a younger self stuck in what feels like a never ending hard season!
[44:45 ] The worst case scenario rarely happens
[45:04 ] On the 'what if' moments in life

Resources discussed in today’s episode: 

 Sarah’s Website 

 Mindful Productivity Podcast 

 Sarah’s Instagram 

 Free Planner Publishing Guide 

 Energy Driver & Habit Tracker

 Mindful Productivity Guide

 Daily Productivity & Brain Dump Book 

 Free Daily Priority Sheet 

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Mindful Productivity with Sarah Steckler

Mindful Productivity with Sarah Steckler

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