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Mindfulness in a Parenting Minefield

Mindfulness in a Parenting Minefield

Update: 2020-05-26


Play Healing Parent Podcast - Helping Busy Parents to Pause, Play and Connect in this Fast-Paced Digital Age, with Debi John 

Title: Mindfulness in a Parenting Minefield

About Debi:

Debi is the founder of Play Healing and a mother of two teenage daughters. Debi coaches parents online and has featured on BBC Radio to talk about parenting, home-schooling and preventing tech addiction. She has worked in education with children aged 4-16 for over 20 years, performed as a musician for 25 years and studied a Post Grad in Therapeutic Play. 

She is the author the PLAY HEALING PAUSE Model helping parents to Pause, Play and Connect deeply with their children in a fast-paced, digital age. 

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Music used on the podcast written by Debi John and produced by the amazing Paul Frazer.

About Emily: 

Emily is a mother, wife, daughter and lifelong lover of learning. Her passion in life is helping children to realise their full potential. After years of coaching adults, she realised that if she had worked with them as children they would have had very different lives. She now pours her passion, energy and skill into working with children - tomorrow's trailblazers!

Emily is a qualified NLP Trainer and Coach.


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Emily: Being kind to yourself starts with self care and realising you're worthy of it in the first place. We need to stop putting pressure on ourselves! Putting myself first was alien to me however, I found that if I didn’t practice self-care, I can’t give to others without feeling resentful or burning out.

Emily: We’re all learning on the job! And to think we can just pick a book or methodology and feel like that’s enough is setting us up for failure. 

Emily: Acceptance is the first step.

Debi: There is such a power in pausing - it’s so counter cultural though when everyone is burning the candle at both ends.

Emily: We’re not always modelling this shiny model of how we want life to be like, but that’s ok, that’s real life. But it acts as an opportunity for our children to see that it’s ok to make mistakes and say sorry.

Debi: It’s important for the child to feel safe and helps them to grow and thrive.


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Podcast Production

Special thanks to Pete Sene for producing this podcast and to the amazing people who funded the production in my GoFundMe Campaign. You are all angels x 









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Mindfulness in a Parenting Minefield

Mindfulness in a Parenting Minefield

Debi John