Mini-Episode 20.5 - Unlocking your New Brand

Mini-Episode 20.5 - Unlocking your New Brand

Update: 2021-05-10


In last week's episode with Danielle, she mapped out how she made the move from accounting to internal communications through freelancing and starting to write on the side.  This allowed her to build a portfolio and brand as a writer that she could then present to jobs when she was ready to make the move. 

This is one of the key elements of getting UNSTUCK!   So in this mini-episode the challenges I lay out are...
1) What is one thing can start doing on your own that represents the new career you want to move into?
2) Then how can you start doing it casually for others?
3) Finally, how can you do it as a freelancer or part time to start building credibility and experiences you can share with future employers.

I use event planning in the episode, but whatever becoming a teacher?  You start by helping teach (especially remote learning) kids in your family, then maybe you offer to volunteer to help at a school or a non-profit for kids whose parents can't help them with their school work, then finally you sign up to be a substitute teacher or a tutor.   It all builds to a great list of experiences as a teacher without ever having to take that leap to leave your current job until you are ready.

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Mini-Episode 20.5 - Unlocking your New Brand

Mini-Episode 20.5 - Unlocking your New Brand

Karen D. Weeks