Mini-Episode 24.5 - Season Two Wrap-Up

Mini-Episode 24.5 - Season Two Wrap-Up

Update: 2021-06-21


I truly cannot express enough gratitude to all the listeners.  I can't believe we have done 50+ episodes over the last year, over two seasons, with full length episodes with amazing guests and mini-episodes in-between to help create some actionable next steps based on the advice of our guests.

While there are always great take-aways from every episode and each season.  For me, this season was all about how life is too important to not enjoy the work you are doing.  You don't have to live a life others expect of you, or stay in a career you aren't enjoying any more or that is impacting your health negatively.

As we take a break in July, I leave you with this challenge to think about how you can transform your career this summer...

  • Find clarity - Why are you feeling stuck today?   What is not working?  Is it your career or something else in your life?
  • Make a change - Once you have decided what needs to change, what can you do to take a step to make that change?
  • Evolve your career - Maybe you actually are trying to get a promotion or a new role internally.  Or you have landed that next amazing job but you want to make sure you are going to kick butt in the new role.  How can you talk to your manager about your internal career goals?

As I mentioned, we will be back the first week of August with all new episodes.  Until then,  please consider subscribing, leaving a rating and review and sharing this podcast and the whole series with others.  You can even just take a screen shot of the episode and share it on social media and tag me!   We do this podcast to help spread the word that everyone can get unstuck and transform their careers.   If our guests can do it, you can too! 

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Mini-Episode 24.5 - Season Two Wrap-Up

Mini-Episode 24.5 - Season Two Wrap-Up

Karen D. Weeks