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Missing Niamh - A message from the host

Missing Niamh - A message from the host

Update: 2022-03-291


Niamh Maye was an adventurous teenager. She grew up in a large family in the northern New South Wales town of Armidale, in Australia. After finishing high school, she took a gap year in 2002 and embarked on a working holiday picking fruit in the rural town of Batlow. As Easter approached, Niamh made plans to travel to Sydney to meet her sister, Fionnuala, and brother Kieron, so they could travel back to Armidale to spend Easter with their family.


But Niamh never made it home.

If you know anything, please contact us. Something that doesn’t seem significant to you might help us put the jigsaw pieces together. Your information could be the missing piece. Please get in touch at
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Michael McNicholas

come on Man! I think the Anonymous Host is great, but either he or his producers didn't do their homework here! My daughter's name is Niamh, and she's just shaking her head. 🙄. Not a lot of people outside of Ireland know how to say it, but that's no excuse!

Apr 3rd

Niamh Webster

I don't think I'll be able to listen to this unless you learn how to pronounce the name Niamh properly 🙈

Mar 29th
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Niamh Browne

Casey you pronounced her name wrong. If you spoke to her sister then you should know how to pronounce her name. It's Neve - Eve with an N in front. my name is Niamh too

Mar 29th

Aileen Byrne

I really hope a podcast helps niamhs family but please get the pronunciation of her name right. People who know or heard something in the years after might not even know who you are talking about and not give up relevant info as such

Mar 29th

Bosco's Bitch

Niam. 🥵

Mar 29th

Ali Meri

Niamh is an Irish name,pronounced 'Neev'.

Mar 29th
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Missing Niamh - A message from the host

Missing Niamh - A message from the host

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